April (4/13/16)

Posted by Jay Lyon On June - 15 - 2016

TTYC Meeting
April 13, 2016

Attendance: Wendy, Jason, Jay, Vicki, Jen

Treasurer’s Report:

  • Checking account balance as of today: $8396.40
  • $3000.00 CD to mature on 12/29/16 (Rolled over two years in December 2014).
  • Includes:
Debits Amount $
Selective Insurance (Liability) – ½ balance 484.20
Total Debits 484.20
Bottles/Cans 60.15
Baseball Registrations 380.00
Banner 700.00
Total Credits 1,140.15


New Business

Spring Soccer

  • There are three teams, Girls A, Girls B (with a few boys), and a Rookie 1 team
  • Coaches are Mark Bolton (Girls A), Cana White (Girls B) and Jody Bolton (Rookie)
  • Jen needs to email Dan Osborn to give him field usage times.
  • Jay will look into getting the port-o-johns delivered to the field (as well as the Little League field)
  • Games will start on May 7, the schedule is not out as of today.

Little League

  • 67 kids playing – down a little from last year
  • 3 girls are playing
  • Work Day will be this Sunday
  • Coaches
    • Majors – Ough/Hickling
    • Minors Black – Bill King/Mike Bolton
    • Minors Orange – Rick Graham/Austin McEnroe
    • PeeWee Orange – Brandon Clark/Jeremy Vunk
    • PeeWee Black – Jeremy Robinson
    • TeeBall – Mike Gott
  • Uniforms will be in within the next few weeks
  • Pictures – Kathy Farber typically does it, Jason will contact her
  • The Sadler Insurance will come due shortly – we need to add the school field (along with the Little League Field). Wendy needs at least two weeks’ notice prior to the start.

Original Works

  • Wendy will get them organized and out this weekend

Headwaters Soccer Camp

  • July 25-29
  • Chobani/NYCM sponsor
  • There are sponsorship programs available if need be.

Facebook Page

  • The Tri-town page is up, Jen will get the baseball and soccer schedules up as soon as possible

Closed: 6:42 pm

Next Meeting: 5/2/16 at 6 pm at ECS