April (4/15/15)

Posted by David Green On April - 17 - 2015

Attendance: Vicki J., Jen B., Bud M., Jason O, Jay L.


Opened: 7:32


Treasurer’s Report:

  • Checking Account balance as of 3/05/2015: $8,484.29
  • $3000.00 CD to mature on 12/29/16.
  • Includes
    • Little League Registrations                 $1,300.00
    • ECS (Basketball Building use)           $575.00
    • Parent (Basketball Reg Refund)         $20.00
    • Selective Ins.                                       $888.25
    • Bank Fee                                             $10.00
    • Credits:
    • Debits:


Old Business:

Spring Soccer:

  • Coaches meeting on April 16th
  • Practices start the week of April 20th.
  • 3 teams including Kindergarten
  • No schedule yet.
  • Discussed port-a-john, Jay will order
  • Discussed Food Shack
  • Will need to order paint and will begin lining the field this weekend.Little League:

Little League:

  • 1 majors, 1 minors, 1 softball, 2 PeeWee and 2 Tee Ball teams. 72 players in total.
  • Ordered paint and balls
  • T-shirt order is in.
  • Practices start the week of April 20th,
  • Games start the week of May 4th.
  • Pictures on May 9th.
  • Will hold a work day April 19th and again on April 26th if needed. Will erect the new batting cage.Original Works:

Original Works:

  • ECS Art teacher is working with the kids to finish their projects. They work on original works when they are done with that week’s art project at the end of class.
  • Order forms should go out to parents over the next couple weeks. Insurance:


  • Lisa M. added coverage to our policy for our buildings.New Business:


New Business:

  • None

To Do List:

  1. Little League Work Day (all)
  2. Order Soccer Paint (Jen)
  3. Soccer field painting (all)
  4. Port-a-johns (Jay)


Closed: 7:50

Next Meeting: 5/7/15