February (2/4/16)

Posted by David Green On March - 9 - 2016

TTYC Meeting
February 4, 2016

Attendance: Jeremy, Lisa, Jason, Jay, Vicki, Jen, Pam

Old Business:


  • Pictures are delivered, scheduling is going well (no major issues).
  • Emailed Scott Whiteman about the year-end tournament.
  • Gave Wendy the bill for the shirts.
  • Equipment – in good shape at the end of this year, may need to order balls next year.
  • The idea was brought up to help buy bulbs for Pathfinder’s gym, perhaps have a fundraiser to help fund it. Two teams used the gym often this year.  West Ed’s gym is a little run down.

New Business

Spring Soccer

  • Registrations are out, Jen will send home a reminder after spring break that registration will be open another week.
  • Numbers are low now, but there is another month yet.
  • We should be all set with field paint, we have quite a bit left over from last fall.

Little League

  • Jason will inquire with school administration about using the old modified softball field for Tri-town softball. If we can use it, logistics such as where to put equipment or field paint will have to be worked out, as well as the insurance.
  • Signs ups will be on March 11 at the school, paper forms will be sent home Friday with the kids.
  • Jeremy will be in charge of banners this year again.
  • Jen will talk to Martha and Interact club to see if someone (Jeremy Wainright?) could create a page for TTYC and include all the forms.

Closed: 6:25 pm

Next Meeting: 3/3/16 at 6 pm at ECS