June (6/21/16)

Posted by Jay Lyon On November - 11 - 2016

TTYC Meeting
June 21, 2016

Attendance: Jen, Wendy, Lisa

Treasurer’s Report:

  • Checking account balance as of today: $9,284.96
  • $3000.00 CD to mature on 12/29/16 (Rolled over two years in December 2014).
  • Includes:
Debits Amount $
Sadler Insurance (Baseball) 979.37
Original Works 756.75
Snack Shack 1301.90
Mel Mumbulo (Baseball shirts) 821.00
Rentals to Go (Basketball/Soccer) 300.00
Pony League 60.00
Prolifiq (Banner) 200.00
Pony League Insurance 120.36
Total Debits $4,539.38
Baseball Registrations 940.00
Original Works 1119.65
Banner Deposit 1300.00
Bottle Deposit 70.00
Pony League 200.00
Snack Shack 1798.73
Total Credits $5428.38


New Business


  • Spring Soccer wraps up next weekend. Jen has not had any issues crop up, teams had good turnouts and could always field a team.  Discussion was had about spring soccer next year – the expenses that come with it (field paint, port-o-johns) and the fact that we couldn’t field a softball team this year because of spring soccer (what does that look like for the future of softball at ECS?).
  • Fall soccer registrations are out, they went home with kids the last week of school. Jen will post a reminder to Facebook to again remind parents to sign up.
  • Chicken BBQ – the date will be Sept. 24. Like last year, there will be no 1 p.m. pick up.

Pony League

  • 11 Players on the roster
  • First game was 6/9, last regular season game will be 7/7 with playoffs to follow.
  • 10 games currently on the schedule

Closed: 6:23 pm

Next Meeting: in August at the NYCM pavilion?