March (3/3/16)

Posted by David Green On April - 14 - 2016

TTYC Meeting
March 3, 2016

Attendance: Jeremy, Lisa, Jason, Jay, Vicki, Jen

Treasurer’s Report:

  • Checking account balance as of today: $7730.39
  • $3000.00 CD to mature on 12/29/16 (Rolled over two years in December 2014).
  • Includes:
Debits Amount $
Rhyno Graphics 674.00
Post Office Box Fee 50.00
Insurance 403.74
Total Debits 1127.74
Bottles/Cans 24.75
Basketball Registrations 280.00
Total Credits 304.75


Old Business:


  • No outstanding issues
  • One tournament left for the boys 5/6

New Business

Spring Soccer

  • There will be at least two teams, a Girls 4/5/6 and a Rookie First grade, there possible will be a Girls B if a few more girls can be found.
  • Mark Bolton will coach the Girls 4/5/6, the coach is undetermined for Rookies.
  • There is a meeting on March 10 at Clark’s to finalize teams and get a start time update.

Little League

  • 18 registrations so far, however, the registration night hasn’t happened yet.
  • Christine Nichols and Mike Clark gave permission for Tri Town to use the girls modified field, we just need to get the school a copy of our insurance.
  • Jeremy will do banners again – $100.00/banner
  • There is no need for a port-o-john at the modified fields since there is one at the varsity baseball field.
    • We will need port-o-johns at the Little League field and Soccer fields (Jay)

Original Works

  • Parents will be getting the artwork to order from Michelle within the next couple weeks.
  • The hope is to get the finished products back to school by April 16

Closed: 6:20 pm

Next Meeting: 4/13/16 at 6 pm at ECS